Money and Presents

OK, so as some of you might already know, my grandmother just gave me some monies. Just a few. So what should I spend it on? My answer - makeup, clothes, music, concert tickets and presents. The first two are obviously because of my girlness. Music's on the list because I haven't had a new CD in at least a year and my laptop is not hooked up to the internet so I can't download any mp3s. Concert tickets - well what's summer without a few good concerts? And finally, the presents. There are two people that I know deserve graduation presents. And one of those two has a birthday and another something else coming up. I love buying people presents. I love when I think of the perfect something that I know they'll just adore. I think I've found those two people some great presents!


Summer Boredom

So this is tiny's very first blog. I did use Xanga for awhile but I've forgotten the password and don't feel like figuring it out, so here I am. I'm extremely bored right now, that's probably why I decided to start this online journal thingamaju. Thing-a-ma-ju: what a great word. Anyway, it seems like everyone else has one of these, so why not me? I can't promise daily entries, and I can't always promise happy, funny, cheerful, yada yada yada entries; however, I do hope you enjoy!